SHANXI SHACMAN CNG dump truck complete with trailer for sale

List of primary documents for submission of the application

Preliminary documents for the initial analysis of the project:

1. The constituent documents of the Lessee and the Pledger (in the case of the provision of a pledge by a third party), as well as all amendments and additions to them, duly registered by authorized state bodies;

2. Financial Statements (balance sheet, statement of financial results), audited by international / local auditors, or certified by the STI (or with the attached confirmation of the adoption of an electronic tax report), for the last two (2) years, or from the day the enterprise began to operate;

3. Bank statement on the operation of the current account of the enterprise certified by the signature of an authorized employee and the Bank's stamp for the last 12 months (debit and credit turnover);

4. The official quotation of the Supplier for the purchased equipment along with brochures / booklets indicating the specification and description of the technical process;  

5. Documents of the pledged collateral (depending on the structure of the project).

Note: in case of a positive result of the preliminary analysis, additional documents necessary for concluding a leasing agreement will be requested.